‘OM’, ‘AMEN’ & ‘AAMIN’ represents the whole Universe.
When one chants OM, AMEN and AAMIN several times one feels a vibration in the body.
The soul experiences calm & poise, synchronizing the body & mind.
These vibrations create an AURA around our body.
The aura is invisible, but represents a healthy body & mind.
The positivity created forms one’s personality.
The more the positivity the more pleasant the personality.
In ancient times Meditation was the part of daily routine.
Meditation strengthens the Aura.
In today’s busy life-style and competitive World we seldom get quality time with our family let alone meditation and this type of high level practice.
That doesn’t mean one is deprived of the learning’s.

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In the polluted atmosphere one can make effort to keep the interior of one's house positive.
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